Let Me Help You Manage Your Kids

Temper The Tantrum with Rabbi Yossi Charytan is a successful, researched-based program for managing your child’s behavioral and emotional outbursts.

Includes methods based on the writings and research of Dr. Haim Ginot and Dr. John Gottman

What's your parenting style?

How do you handle the grumps and groans of parenting?
Are you dismissive or accepting?  Disapproving or empathetic?


  • Suppress natural feelings?
  • Question emotional self?
  • Self-soothe with unhealthy outlets?
  • Have strong behavioural outbursts?

Are you experiencing:

  • Difficulty handling child’s emotions?
  • Ongoing power struggles?
  • Negative relationship with child?
  • Defiance of authority?

Temper The Tantrum Customers

We specifically learned about acknowledging our son's feelings. Temper the Tantrum has made parenting a lot easier … bringing swift calm to a raging tantrum.
T.H. & Y.
We made a lot of progress in building a stronger relationship with our children through the tools and coaching of Rabbi Charytan.
J. & M.
Working with Rabbi Charytan has been a pleasure. He was never judgmental, always positive and upbeat. Very knowledgeable about all situations, always suggesting ideas and giving examples that really helped.
R. & C.

Empower Your Parenting Today

⇒ Your children will feel ‘understood’

⇒ Have effective communication during emotional outbursts

⇒ Have meaningful conversations when things are going well

⇒ Coach your children on handling emotions

⇒ Help them with practical problem-solving strategies

⇒ Experience unconditional love for your family

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