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Join other parents and get on demand access to ALL the strategies I use with my kids every day. Learn how to love your kids. Enjoy their personalities. Manage their behaviors.


Part One

Why Kids have Tempers and Other Annoying Emotions

Part Two

How Temper Tantrums can Help Your Relationships

Part Three

Temper Tamer Strategies That Help Your Kids Mature


Focused Strategies For Busy Parents!

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Become A Temper Tamer!

He Loves Temper Tantrums!

Rabbi Yossi Charytan, MA, has been working with parents and children for over 20 years. He sees in emotional kids a unique opportunity for better relationships. This is why he wants to help you love temper tantrums too.

A Seven Week Course Fully Unpacked

This on-demand course is based off Rabbi Charytan's 7 week live parenting course. You will have access to all his strategies at your fingertips, including practice scenarios, reflective questions and tracker sheets that help you implement the strategies.


Join These Temper-Taming Parents!

We specifically learned about acknowledging our son's feelings. This course has made our parenting a lot easier ... bringing swift calm to a raging tantrum.

T.H. & Y.

We made a lot of progress in building a stronger relationship with our children through the tools and coaching of the Temper Tamer course.

J. & M.

Your Children Will Feel Understood!

When you communicate effectively with your children, the love goes both ways.