Boxed In Series

Boxed-In During Coronavirus Pandemic

Feeling Boxed In and overwhelmed with your family indoors 24/7 during the coronavirus pandemic?
Listen to a few tips on how to go from feeling stuck to taking positive advantage of the situation.

Need some ideas to bring your family together? Having difficulty addressing issues arising from everyone living together 24/7? Here are some simple steps for family meetings. Don’t wait, get started today.

Is your family experiencing cabin fever?  Need a boost of fun and excitement?  Lift your morale and create some special memories: 
1. Sing and dance together
2. Produce a family project
3. Take an in-city road trip
4. Have a family game night 
Feel like you can’t get anything done because everyone is at home, meals are all day, bedtime just doesn’t happen and the kids are out of control? Take charge by implementing a consistent schedule:
1. Schedule everything that happens daily
2. Get input from family members
3. Hang the schedule where everyone can see
4. Model healthy scheduling
Need some SCHOOL SPIRIT while HOMESCHOOLING during coronavirus school closeure?  Be creative and use these tips to generate ideas & excite your kids while schooling at home.
1. Design a learning space with all school books and supplies.
2. Create a school spirit with a logo, recess and snack time.
3. Keep a tight schedule that includes preparation, clean-up and organizing.

Stressed out with school @ home? Here are tips to help manage the chaos of school schedules, tech issues and frustrated children while schooling from home during the coronavirus school closures.
1) Empathize with their frustration without criticizing.
2) Cut them slack and help them adapt.
3) Let them manage their own schedule and technology.
4) Have older children help younger siblings.

We’ve experienced Shabbos while boxed-In, but how can we manage 3 days of Yom Tov?  Several tips on how to unbox your family’s Pesach while staying home.

How to rally your kids with Pesach preps.  Don’t stress about balancing your kids everyday needs and Pesach preparations.

** Sharing your needs and feelings up front can enable your children to be empathetic and respond with more sensitivity.

** Having jobs can help children contribute to the overall sense of family and builds responsibility. 

Tips to reduce negative interactions with your family. You are stressed out and your kids are feeling the effects.  Here are several ideas for positive communications.

Tips to handle tempers while in isolation.  Being boxed in with your family can lead to increased emotions, here’s several ways how to deal with it.

Feeling Boxed In and overwhelmed with your family indoors 24/7? Here are a few tips on how to go from feeling stuck to taking positive advantage of the situation.