5 Ways to Reduce Summer Craze!

Summer can be a blast with the kids! ???

But the blast can turn to boredom if it’s not planned right.  Worse yet, arguing about meals, bedtime screen time etc., can break apart the puzzle pieces that need to fit together for a well-balanced day.

By pre-planning as a family and allowing the kids to have some say in how they spend their summer days, you can avoid a lot of these arguments.

Here are 5 ways your kids can OWN their summer and you can feel RELAXED!

  1. PLAN HOME ACTIVITIES ?? Kids can identify a wide range of home-based activities on their own.  Whether it’s a craft or a game, let them plan and prepare with parent’s input as needed.
  2. CHOOSE OUTINGS ⚽️? There are so many ideas for parks, sightseeing, sports and nature hikes.  Let your children suggest or choose ideas that appeal to them.
  3. PREPARE SNACKS ?? Supply a menu of approved snacks and then let the kids take over.  They can pick, pack and inventory, all while you catch a couple extra winks on the couch.
  4. CREATE A DAILY SCHEDULE ? Pull out the construction paper, scissors, glue and markers, or pop open Canva and let your kids design a family summer schedule. 
  5. TAKE CHARGE OF THE PREP AND CLEANUP ?? Empower your kids to be fully responsible.  Summer activities, like any other project, need planning and cleaning. Make a sign-up form for the many tasks that must be completed each day.

What do you do to keep the craze out of your summer days?

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